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Apply for Canada Tourist Visa

It is a known fact that a visitor is not a citizen or resident of the country. Any individual who is not a citizen or permanent resident of Canada and wishes to enter Canada needs to apply for a Tourist Visa to Canada.

How to apply for Canada Tourist Visa?

We at Immigration Gurus will help you in filling your application for Canada Visitor Visa. You can apply for a Canada Tourist Visa with us by following these steps:

  • Submit a Visitor Visa application to a reasonable Visa officer in your country.
  • Followed by that you may need to attend an interview with the Visa officer wherein he/she will verify a few things like:
    1. 1. Your intention of visiting Canada
    2. 2. Your willingness to leave Canada after your visa expires
    3. 3. Your overall compatibility in Canada
  • A Tourist Visa is issued after the officer is satisfied with your interview. You can then come to Canada and then again at the port of entry an immigration officer might fire some questions on the applicant to ensure admissibility.
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