New Zealand Visitor Visa

An applicant can go to New Zealand for tourism and travel purposes or to visit family or friends. While you are staying in New Zealand, you will need to present the proof of an adequate amount of funds to support your stay and day to day needs of yourself and dependents if any.

The validity of Visitor Visa to New Zealand is up to 9 months.

  • Under this Visa category, an individual can revel and explore the beauty of New Zealand.
  • You can also study for up to 3 months under Visitor Visa category.
  • You can also include your dependents i.e your partner or dependent children aged under 19 in your Visitor Visa application to New Zealand.

The expert team at Immigration Gurus will make sure that the entire visa process is carried on smoothly without any hassles and you are granted a Visitor Visa to New Zealand.

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