USA Work Visa

Not all individuals can file for a US Work Visa. Indian Citizens who intend to work in the US can do so by filing a petition to the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services). The application for most sorts of non-immigrant US work visas requires the employer/business to record an appeal to the USCIS and just the affirmed petitions meet all requirements for the application procedure. The visa application must be submitted alongside the petition approval letter, completed application form, and determined reports. The US work visas are accessible under different classifications depending on the idea of work. Notwithstanding a work visa, the non-immigrant classification likewise incorporates the visa for vacationer, business and student.

There are different types of US work visas for Indians:

  • H-1B (Workers in Specialty Occupation)
  • H-2B (Skilled and unskilled workers)
  • H-3 (Trainee)
  • H-4 (Dependents)
  • L-1 (Intra-company transferees)
  • L-2 (Dependents)
  • O (Extraordinary Ability)
  • P (Artists/entertainers)
  • Q (Cultural exchange)
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